Right Now at this very moment…please note date of post…I have five yes 5 large priority mail boxes waiting to be shipping to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia…squished full of all sort of newborn goodies, from gently worn P.J.s onsies, bibs, burp cloths to MANY receiving blankets!

I took a week off at the end of June to watch Oliver and during that time I sewed like it was going outa style.  I actually ran out of flannel…CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  ran out!  but here are the receiving blankets I made.  Most have regular cotton on one side and flannel on the other, some are flannel on both sides.  No batting, just cloth with a seam around the edge… 🙂

receiving boy frogreceiving care bearreceiving monkeysreceiving patchworkreceiving pink bugreceiving pinkreceiving purplereceiving rainbowreceiving sheepreceiving yellow frogreceiving yellow

These are holiday flannel receiving blankets from X-mas 2008

stack of flannel


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