fat quarter preemie gown

boy preemie day gown 9-19-09


bright boy Preemie Day Gown… I can make one gown and 2 pair of preemie booties out of 1 fat quarter of flannel. 

I did get lots of cutting done…about 20 pairs of booties, 10 more preemie gown of assorted fun flannels, and a bunch of blue and pink angel pockets…perhaps I’ll have a few spare moments this week and I can get more sewing done.
this will go to either Newborns in Need or God’s Tiny Angels

2 thoughts on “fat quarter preemie gown

  1. That little gown is so cute! Could you please tell me where you got the pattern? That looks like a fast project and I have lots of fabric in my stash.

    • I found it somewhere…right off hand I can’t recall…only thing is you have to roll all the seams…this really cute little gown was totally trashed when I prewashed it so I could send it to the hospital…I know it was a free pattern and it was from a good works charity sewing sight…I know that’s absolutely no help at all…sorry…

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