Work In Progress

all the goodies from the Downy Quilt kit …definitely Boy ToyZ…need to hide this one from Oliver…think I’ll make another or the same quilt pattern using the train fabric he picked out!

Bunny hats and more in the clothes basket after their washing…these bunny hats are TOO cute! Think I’ll try to make one to fit my head!

Bought some pre-cut charm packs at the quilt shop…this one is Moda…pretty sure this will be for a girl and wonderfully bright…mind you this is the wrong side…

The dolls I try all the clothes and hats on. Let’s call them Chuck the newborn and Dianne the 3-6 month old. They sit in the living room and really disturb Jaz as they are always looking at her…too funny! They’re surrounded by more works in progress…2 charm quilts and more fleece for receiving blankets…wonder if there’s a 12 step program for what I have!


One thought on “Work In Progress

  1. Those bunny hats are adorable!! I would wear one;) The boys toyz quilt reminds me of a quilt I made for my son YEARS ago. He would stand there next to me at the machine to make sure I was working on it ’till it was done;)
    Happy Quilting!!!

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