new, gently used, handmade

Made 4 fleece lovies to send to God’s Tiny Angels this weekend too.  Figured I should blow the dust off of the Serger occasionally!

October 24th 2010


I’ve been buying baby stuff, new and gently used all late summer and fall and basically putting it all in the ‘baby’ laundry basket since I don’t have a box to load it all in yet…didn’t realize just how much I had in there till this weekend when I made the fleece lovies.  Was going to do a small load of baby stuff to pre-wash before shipping and lo and behold I have a LARGE load instead…

Um I didn’t pre-wash the photo album or the door hanger, LOL

Look at all the fun greens!  Girlie greens and boy green! even a satin and velvety lovie!

I know the little summer dress is a SUMMER dress but a long sleeved onsie under it and it would be fine for fall/winter!

speaking of onsies…here’s a pile mom found at Wal-Mart!

LOVE all the color combinations now!  not just pink and blue for wee babies anymore!

Hmmm…I think I’ll have to work on locating more boy stuff!


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