good weekend to cut flannel


About 40 + burp cloths ready to sew…figure half will go to God’s Tiny Angels and I hope I can send the other half to Wright County for the young mommies.

I noticed I cut too many girlie ones so cut out another pile of only boy shades… November 23-24 2013

Super cute preemie day gown opened up to show the cute beastie fabric.  Got this pattern from:

3 preemie gowns totally done so far.  I might look into purchasing a snap setter……

For some reason the large version prints right off the page so this one is ‘small’ I also cut out 4 ‘medium’ we shall see how big they turn out. I could get 2 smalls with coordinating fabrics out of 2 fat quarters with a nice sized chunk of left overs to put into the eventual flannel sweetie quilt. I made mine out of flannel since I’m sewing in the mighty north! November 24th 2013


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