Found a couple of printed panels at JoAnn Fabrics when I ran there for ribbon…and yes the fabric isn’t really stored by the ribbon…Jaz located them for me…nonetheless…each panel has 2 bibs and 2 burp cloths on them so I bought a boy (monkey) and a girl (paisley Elephants) version…total cuteness! These I think I’ll put away for the next baby born but I also took a few measurements and out of a yard of flannel I can get a newborn receiving blanket and a matching bib and burp cloth to make cute little sets to donate… in this pile there are the bib and burp cloths as well as the next batch of large buntings…just need ironing and top stitching! January 27th 2014

Teeny tiny little bonnet crocheted by my mom.  I got the pattern at Angel Outfitters… . I fear mom is quite addicted to making these now! I plan on putting some with the large buntings and any extras can go with the large Teeny Tears diapers…they are so tiny and adorable! This is an itty bitty doll whose head is about the size of a crab apple. January 26th 2014

Large buntings, 16 of which will be making the trek to the National Share office in St. Charles MO.  See the teeny crocheted bonnets?!? Cuteness!…

January 26th 2014

Small buntings, 12 of which will be going to the National Share office in St. Charles MO. You can see how I managed to run out of ribbon!… January 26th 2014


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