sewing for the wee ones

bonnet preemie angel girl 8-2-14Tiny yellow preemie or angel bonnet, super light and lemony, the tie at the back make the bonnet adjustable to fit a wee noggin. Yellow ties and a satin rose on the other side of the bonnet. August 2nd 2014

bonnets boy newborn 8-2-14

Boy handkerchief bonnets. Kind of difficult to find gender neutral hankies at the antique stores… either neutral ones are HUGE or so used up there no way I can make a bonnet out of them. Well that and I get the sneaking suspicion that bonnets are becoming quite passé and the idea of a bonnet on a boy even for a christening or naming ceremony is just not manly enough… I made 3 none the less! August 2nd 2014

bonnets girl 3-6 month 8-2-14

Bonnets for older babies 3-6 months. Quite feminine these will be making the trek to God’s Tiny Angels for the addicted babies who are a bit older when they go home. August 2nd 2014

Bonnets girl newborn 8-2-14

6 lovely newborn sized hankie bonnets super girlie. I have used up all my hankies! I am hankie free… what ever shall I do?!? These will be going to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia with the next shipment. August 2nd 2014

cheater quilts 8-3-14

2 cheater quilts… found these at Walmart! Every once and a while I can locate cuteness there! These will be either going to God’s Tiny Angels or Project Linus… we’ll have to see how much space there is in the next box. August 3rd 2014


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