embroidery fun!

I’m all outa bibs now…will have to buy more since the embroidery is way to fun!

Love the dragon and the mom tattoo the best so far! Gave one away, will contemplate selling a few and will be donating the rest… 1-1-2011

I can date my quilts with assorted colors now…too neat! 1-2-2011


Flying Piggy Bib

1st of many I hope!

Found 10 bibs at Target for 11 bucks so I bought the bright set. There’s also pastels and boy brights…will be going back for those! Found the set of 7 flying pigs on the web…for free! Plan on making a set of flour sack towels for the kitchen with the flying pigs too!


quilting / fabric addiction

The only 12 step process that would work for quilter’s or fabric addiction: 1) determine what you want to make 2) buy fabric 3) Audition fabric for the project from your stash 4) trade dull cutting blade in rotorary cutter with sharp blade 5) Buy more fabric 6) wind multiple bobbins with needed color of thread 7) cut out project 8) buy more fabric 9) begin project 10) buy more fabric 11) either complete or put away project to be completed another day 12) return to step 1. got from a friend on http://quiltingcompanions.ning.com Ruth!