Angel pockets

slightly larger than the usual 14 inch square.  these are 18.5″ square

boy angel pocket 9-19-09


Boy & Girl Angel Pockets…9-20-09…this one with a pile of others will be going to HCMC (Hennepin County Medical Center)

The fetal demise pouch is used for early losses, or infants that are too small or fragile to be dressed. On request, nurses take pictures of the babies before burial for the families.


girl angel pocket 9-20-09


Baby Boy Holiday Stockings

boy stocking 1 2009

made 2 of this design &

boy stocking 2 2009

2 of the s’mores snow dude fabric…then found a brand new camo stocking at a garage sale to finish off the 5 boy stockings I’ve made my goal of…will be stuffing each with:

Stocking Stuffers:





□Burp cloth

□Bun wipes


□Brush / comb




I’ll be picking up some fun girlie holiday/winter fabric tomorrow so I can make 5 baby girl stockings this coming weekend…along with the 10 burp cloths, 10 angel pockets I’m sending to be used at HCMC….AND the 2 preemie p.j.s I cut out last night…sigh so much to do…so little time…