Going Out August 20th 2009

emo fleece 8-20-09

1 yummy basinette sized fleece Emo on one side and outer space on the other

starry night fleece 8-20-09

2 universe basinette sized fleece lovies.

Also going out…one box squeezed jull of lovies and crocetted dresses from my mom to God’s Tiny angels.

One Box yesterday and one box today mashed full of Lovies, and sweet baby needs from me to God’s Tiny Angels.

And finally the fabulous purple & lime 9-patch quilt is going to Stephanie in England via Post Pals!


Really Rainbowie 9-patches

These were really fun to piece and machine quilt.  So many fabulous colors…so bright!

9-patch rainbow

Bright Fabulous Toddler sized…really great for covering the stroller to keep out the sun or chill!

9-patch small rainbow

Equally as bright and fabulous! Same size as the other

These both went to God’s Tiny Angels…because even tiny angels eventually grow!


Heart Babies

I made these quilts for Heart Babies who are having heart surgery at the children’s hospital in Minneapolis.  THis is the hospital where my daughter Natalia went for her surgery to try to repair her heart defect, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome… Alas for Nat’ the surgery was not a success.  It is heart warming to know that the lovies I made went to babies, toddlers and young children who are undertaking truly scary steps in their lives and that my quilts gave them a warm hug from Natalia’s mom.

doodle bug 19-patch purple pinkbaby flannel stripe

The neatest thing was the little thankyou I got from one of the nurses.  🙂