some angel sewing

I have conquered the horrible-too-expensive-for-its-own-good-fuzzy-stretchy fabric! Boowahahaha! Let the satin edging compel you…OK a little out of control there…but this fabric is in deed the ickiest I’ve worked with and it now resides on the do not buy ever and I mean it list.  I did manage to get 2 slightly larger than preemie slightly smaller than newborn lovies…these will be sent to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia with the next batch of baby goodies October 13th 2013


5 sets of large teeny diapers with their matching new sew caps.  Haven’t decided where these will be going yet so they just sit in the bin patiently waiting. Teeny Tears bereavement diapers http://teenytears.blogspot.com/
No Sew cap pattern http://angeloutfitters.blogspot.com/2012/10/no-sew-hats.html

October 13th 2013

Sewing angels set in process…Chain sewing is the bomb! Now for trimming and flipping during the Walking Dead! October 13th 2013


Going Out August 20th 2009

emo fleece 8-20-09

1 yummy basinette sized fleece Emo on one side and outer space on the other

starry night fleece 8-20-09

2 universe basinette sized fleece lovies.

Also going out…one box squeezed jull of lovies and crocetted dresses from my mom to God’s Tiny angels.

One Box yesterday and one box today mashed full of Lovies, and sweet baby needs from me to God’s Tiny Angels.

And finally the fabulous purple & lime 9-patch quilt is going to Stephanie in England via Post Pals!


Boys will SO be boys!

Bought a panel of really fun construction vehicle fabric…mixed it with tread plate print, some yellows, blue and WALA fun preemie boy basinette under lovies for God’s Tiny Angels based in WV!

boy preemie 1boy preemie 2boy preemie 3boy preemie 4boy preemie 6boy preemie 5boy preemie 7

These were all shipped out in one fell swoop in January 2009. I’m pretty sure they’ve all gone to deserving preemie baby boys or at risk newborns by now.  Each one was personally test hugged by Oliver!

lovie hugger