Baby Boy Holiday Stockings

boy stocking 1 2009

made 2 of this design &

boy stocking 2 2009

2 of the s’mores snow dude fabric…then found a brand new camo stocking at a garage sale to finish off the 5 boy stockings I’ve made my goal of…will be stuffing each with:

Stocking Stuffers:





□Burp cloth

□Bun wipes


□Brush / comb




I’ll be picking up some fun girlie holiday/winter fabric tomorrow so I can make 5 baby girl stockings this coming weekend…along with the 10 burp cloths, 10 angel pockets I’m sending to be used at HCMC….AND the 2 preemie p.j.s I cut out last night…sigh so much to do…so little time…