Neonatal Position Snake

position snakeNeonatal Positioning Snake.

When the baby is placed into the isolette, this tube of fabric is curled around the infant creating an environment similar to the womb. This has a calming effect on the child, helps to eliminate heat loss, and serves as a support for tubes and monitoring device cables. Take them home when the baby ‘graduates” from the hospital. Since the item resembles a snake, I make it look like one too, and then baby has a toy when he no longer needs the comfort of the nest.

Neonatal Positioning Snake Made By:

Elaine in Minnesota.  Tabitha, Natalia & Jazmin’s mom, Oliver’s Nana




Each Snake is made to survive the many washes and dries it may have to go through with your little sweetie pie.

Made with all new materials in a non-smoking, cat free environment, the lovies have hypoallergenic innards.

This Snake has been pre-washed in Dreft and is ready to be used by your baby!

Washing instructions:  Machine wash alone on the gentle cycle, cold/cold is best.  Hang to dry or use the dryer on cool, gentle cycle. 

Please no bleach.

positioning snakes

I’ve made 3 so far…wow takes quite a while to get them turned right-side-out…and they take alot of stuffing.  Perhaps once the puppy grows up I can finish another 3.  These are going to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia