a bit of hand quilting

Fun ‘Caterwauling’ kitty panel purchased from Heavenly Quilt Shop in Waconia http://www.heavenlypatchworkquiltshop.com/index.html hand quilting around the kitties so the safety pins are there to hold it all together for the moment.  Fun 3” prairie points look nifty around the edge. Backed with a yummy light lemon on yellow sheeting.

June 25th 2010


Wicked cool jungle panel from a box of garage sale fabric (thanks Auntie Vicki)…I’m hand quilting around all the beasties so those safety pins aren’t a permanent fixture.  Just the right size for a preemie! Backed with light teal sheeting. June 25th 2010


Cute lil pink lovie

Wee cute little preemie quilt.  Purchased a grab bag of assorted charms and a chunk of hot pink at Heavenly Patchwork for 3 bucks…blended them with pink baby fabric from a garage sale and WA-LA…cute and feminine! 24 X 30 inches of pink sweetness! This will be going to GTA in West Virginia in the next big box of baby goodies!

June 23rd 2010



Preemie Squares

These are like receiving blankets only they’re about 12″ square.  Perfect for putting just under the little one’s head or on top of the incubator to block out an irritating light source.

basinette square

no batting, only sewed around the outer edge

basinette squares

all flannel with cotton prairie points.

These all went to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia


Yummy Yellows

Yellow the great UNI-Sexed baby color!  Although I’m sure some of these yellow lovies lean more towards one sex than the other… 🙂

yellow bird patch

Yellow with Birdies Flannel & Cotton

yellow bug patch 2

Yellow Lady Bug with yellow prairie Points flannel & Cotton quilt

yellow bug patch

Yellow Lady Bug with yellow & Red prairie Point flannel & Cotton

These are all going to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virgina.  They’re all baby sized or basinette cover sized.


January’s Giving

2009 these also went to God’s Tiny Angels with the pile of Preemie Boy basinette lovies (I’m probably spelling Basinette wrong, huh)

flannel stripe

This one’s kinda unisexed… so any baby could enjoy it’s warmth.  This was the 1st and LAST time I used the signature rubber stamp I had made for the backs of the quilts… The ink I had was horrid and well…look for your self! Ugh!

girl preemie under lovie

This is a preemie GIRL basinette lovie.  I made it from left over strips from my X-mas tree skirt…well, you can imagine my X-mas tree now! 🙂