Tie Dying Quilt Backs

Totally dyed this thanksgiving morning…after making the dressing and readying the bird I set to dying 4 big white sheets to use for quilt backings.  Scarlet and Teal for boy quilts, and hot pink and purple for girl quilts.  Of course when purchasing the sheets I must not have been paying attention since one of the sheets turned out to be a fitted sheet…UGH!

Shamus was nice enough to nap out of the way while I tied up the sheets using ribbon. 11-25-10


and hot pink I dyed on the stove top in the stock pot,


and purple in the sinks…a little too much detergent added to the purple.  11-25-10

I love the brightness of the color right out of the dye bath! 11-25-10

All done and ready to be chopped up for baby lovies! 11-25-10