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Fat quarter waiting their turn under the iron…quite the assortment here…for every 2 fat quarters (I like having coordinating fabrics) I can make 2 small Teeny Diapers and one 12 inch square blanket. October 28th 2013 I can’t wait to have time for a hearty ironing session!

Newborn boy cheater quilts for the God’s Tiny Angels blanket Drive.  Olivia approved of these two since she helped pick them out! October 27th 2013


Newborn cheater patchwork quilt…This is a cheater too since the patches are already sewn together and sold by the yard…Minky and flannel, super soft. These will be going to God’s Tiny Angels blanket Drive.  Olivia approved of these two since she helped pick them out! October 27th 2013

While watching a few scary movies into the night I chopped up 2 rolls of Stockinette to make no sew caps to go with the teeny diaper sets.  These piles have already been flipped and just need to be tied with cute ribbon.  No idea how many are here…lots! October 26th 2013

Fresh from the drier preemie P.J.s for the next box going out to God’s Tiny Angels. CUTENESS! October 27th 2013

Warm fuzzy preemie P.J.s clean and ready to be packaged for God’s Tiny Angels. October 27th 2013

New Born Receiving blankets all washed and ready to be packaged for the God’s Tiny Angels Blanket Drive, I’m up to 22 quilts and blankets so far. Filled up one large box…guess I’ll be looking for another box since I have 20 yards of flannel waiting to be chopped up as well as at least one panel to quilt for the drive as well. >happy dance< October 27th 2013


fianally sewing again!

Sweet flannel elephant receiving blanket for a little sweetie pie who’ll be making her appearance in 6 weeks or so…32 inches by oh 36 or so…nice and big for wrapping up and taking for a drag eventually. Sewn May 25th 2013 While I was at it I top stitched a like sized lovie to wash up and send to God’s Tiny Angels for a sweet newborn to snuggle in!


Fleece Recieving blankets

super fun fleece from JoAnn Fabrics

got this fleece from my mom for X-mas…TOO CUTE!

I LOVE this fabric from JoAnn fabrics…I’m tempted to go back and get more… one of these is going to my Auntie for a soon to be baby girl.

this really fun remnant made 2 receiving blankets… I threaded the Serger with 4 different colors (pink, blue, yellow & Green) to get the rainbow edge…

made 4 wonderful girlie lovies outa this fun JoAnn fabric!  One of these will also be going to my Auntie for that sweet baby!

still more of the light blue with stars…

other than the 2 blankets that are going to my Auntie the others are going to:

God’s Tiny Angels in WV http://danettesangels.tripod.com

 Newborns in Need in NC http://www.newbornsinneed.org

 Or One Heart One Mind in CO http://www.pathwaystospirit.org


more receiving lovies!

Went to the local five & dime and found some great Fleece…

is this the greatest sweet baby fleece er whut?!?  too cute!  Each is about 1/2 yard.

I think this one would be great right into toddler-hood as a drag along

Jaz thought I should save this for when we get the puppy…but I’m not sewing for the puppy till he/she gets here…Plus 2 sweet baby boys could use this now! 🙂


quick fleece receiving blankets

I managed to get 4 lovies done from cutting to complete in 1/2 hour,

didn’t really measure the fabric, just cut the slabs in half and removed the salvage…wow…I can blanket babies everywhere! I used a saucer from a garage sale to curve the corners…

I do so love my Serger! these will either go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia or Newborns in Need…I’ve got a box started for each. 12-14-09



Right Now at this very moment…please note date of post…I have five yes 5 large priority mail boxes waiting to be shipping to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia…squished full of all sort of newborn goodies, from gently worn P.J.s onsies, bibs, burp cloths to MANY receiving blankets!

I took a week off at the end of June to watch Oliver and during that time I sewed like it was going outa style.  I actually ran out of flannel…CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  ran out!  but here are the receiving blankets I made.  Most have regular cotton on one side and flannel on the other, some are flannel on both sides.  No batting, just cloth with a seam around the edge… 🙂

receiving boy frogreceiving care bearreceiving monkeysreceiving patchworkreceiving pink bugreceiving pinkreceiving purplereceiving rainbowreceiving sheepreceiving yellow frogreceiving yellow

These are holiday flannel receiving blankets from X-mas 2008

stack of flannel