Fleece Recieving blankets

super fun fleece from JoAnn Fabrics

got this fleece from my mom for X-mas…TOO CUTE!

I LOVE this fabric from JoAnn fabrics…I’m tempted to go back and get more… one of these is going to my Auntie for a soon to be baby girl.

this really fun remnant made 2 receiving blankets… I threaded the Serger with 4 different colors (pink, blue, yellow & Green) to get the rainbow edge…

made 4 wonderful girlie lovies outa this fun JoAnn fabric!  One of these will also be going to my Auntie for that sweet baby!

still more of the light blue with stars…

other than the 2 blankets that are going to my Auntie the others are going to:

God’s Tiny Angels in WV http://danettesangels.tripod.com

 Newborns in Need in NC http://www.newbornsinneed.org

 Or One Heart One Mind in CO http://www.pathwaystospirit.org


more receiving lovies!

Went to the local five & dime and found some great Fleece…

is this the greatest sweet baby fleece er whut?!?  too cute!  Each is about 1/2 yard.

I think this one would be great right into toddler-hood as a drag along

Jaz thought I should save this for when we get the puppy…but I’m not sewing for the puppy till he/she gets here…Plus 2 sweet baby boys could use this now! 🙂


quick fleece receiving blankets

I managed to get 4 lovies done from cutting to complete in 1/2 hour,

didn’t really measure the fabric, just cut the slabs in half and removed the salvage…wow…I can blanket babies everywhere! I used a saucer from a garage sale to curve the corners…

I do so love my Serger! these will either go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia or Newborns in Need…I’ve got a box started for each. 12-14-09