Via: http://danettesangels.tripod.com I hope this email finds the right person. My understanding is that you work for God’s tiny angels providing blankets/afghans for babies in the NICU. The “newborn girl’ that got the special blanket you provided is my precious granddaughter, Rylan. She weighed just 2lbs 14 oz when she was born in mid November. Her twin brother, Jagen, weighed a pound more. They were exactly two months premature. Both babies got to come home shortly after Christmas and are doing well. They received the blankets about midway through their hospital stay. I cried when I saw the blankets you all provided. How many times have I been a part of the group that gives to the needy, the hungry, the homeless, etc? But that day, when I saw your blankets that had provided security and warmth and snugness to my grandchildren…my tiny grandchildren…I just have to share something with you. Your blanket sheltered Rylan, yes. But it gave my son and his wife something tangible to protect their baby, something to bring home and smile about. And when I saw the tags on the blankets (Jagen got one too, of course), I just cried. Somehow, being on the receiving end instead of the giving end touched my heart in a new way. To think that somewhere in the U.S. women had sewn a quilt that was going to help my grand babies to be warm and comforted and not so “intensive care”-looking. My heart was a little worn that day; we’d traveled from Texas to Washington. We’d kept odd hours trying to help our son and his wife keep things going. We hadn’t been allowed to see the twins. Hospital regulations about the NICU and concerns for H1N1 allowed no visitors at all. But on that day, when our kids brought the quilts home from the hospital I understood the importance of volunteer work and anonymous giving. You ministered to so many people through your gift to my family Thank you so much.