Yummy Yellows

Yellow the great UNI-Sexed baby color!  Although I’m sure some of these yellow lovies lean more towards one sex than the other… 🙂

yellow bird patch

Yellow with Birdies Flannel & Cotton

yellow bug patch 2

Yellow Lady Bug with yellow prairie Points flannel & Cotton quilt

yellow bug patch

Yellow Lady Bug with yellow & Red prairie Point flannel & Cotton

These are all going to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virgina.  They’re all baby sized or basinette cover sized.


Boys will SO be boys!

Bought a panel of really fun construction vehicle fabric…mixed it with tread plate print, some yellows, blue and WALA fun preemie boy basinette under lovies for God’s Tiny Angels based in WV!

boy preemie 1boy preemie 2boy preemie 3boy preemie 4boy preemie 6boy preemie 5boy preemie 7

These were all shipped out in one fell swoop in January 2009. I’m pretty sure they’ve all gone to deserving preemie baby boys or at risk newborns by now.  Each one was personally test hugged by Oliver!

lovie hugger