Stripes going both ways!

Left over strips of fabric and flannel are never thrown away at my house!  They go into a box in hopes that they’ll end up in a great stripy quilt for a little person to snuggle under and love!

rainbow doodle bug

Here we’re going horizontal with left over doodle bug fabric blended with hand tie-dyed rainbow and fun green!

stripey pretty

And here’s a more slimming vertical stripe…unless of couse you give it a quarter turn LOL.  this has a little flannel, a little cotton and ALOT of color to keep any baby interested!

these went to God’s Tin Angels in West Virginia for 2 sweet little one’s in need of a lovie!


January’s Giving

2009 these also went to God’s Tiny Angels with the pile of Preemie Boy basinette lovies (I’m probably spelling Basinette wrong, huh)

flannel stripe

This one’s kinda unisexed… so any baby could enjoy it’s warmth.  This was the 1st and LAST time I used the signature rubber stamp I had made for the backs of the quilts… The ink I had was horrid and well…look for your self! Ugh!

girl preemie under lovie

This is a preemie GIRL basinette lovie.  I made it from left over strips from my X-mas tree skirt…well, you can imagine my X-mas tree now! 🙂